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April 2023

Champion Spotlight: Jaclyn Lo

After growing up in Singapore, Jaclyn Lo moved to the United States to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Bryn Mawr College. She explains how her various leadership and service opportunities impacted her work with Shot@Life as a first-time advocate.

April 2023

Champion Spotlight: Brittany Bradshaw

As a pediatric nurse, Brittany Bradshaw has witnessed the repercussions of missed immunizations firsthand. She speaks about what inspired her to pursue a path in nursing, which has driven her advocacy work to improve vaccine access.

March 2023

Champion Spotlight: Folake Olayinka

Longtime Shot@Life advocate, Folake Olayinka, an epidemiologist at the Texas Department of State Health Services, shares how she has grown through her work with Shot@Life.

March 2023

Champion Spotlight: Aaron Connolly

First-time advocate and Cornell University master's student Aaron Connolly highlights how his advocacy work has shaped his interest in the policy side of public health.

January 2023

Champion Spotlight: Ilina Ewen

Ilina Ewen is a longtime Shot@Life advocate who calls herself an “OG Champion.” She wears many hats — advocate, writer, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, mom, and Shot@Life Champion.

November 2022

Champion Spotlight: Mariam Bahova

Growing up in the Republic of Guinea and now working in global health, Shot@Life Champion Mariam Bahova has a unique perspective on what access to vaccines means to individuals, communities, and the world.

August 2022

Champion Spotlight: Aashna Patel

While earning a dual degree pursuing medical school and a master's degree in public health at Harvard University, Aashna Patel works to advocate for a global immunization program as a champion for Shot@Life.

July 2022

Champion Spotlight: Bridget Murphy and Irene Stamper

Long time friends Irene Stamper and Bridget Murphy have advocated on behalf of Shot@Life for nearly 5 years. The dynamic advocacy duo discuss their relationship with each other and how they became involved with the campaign.

April 2022

Champion Spotlight: Alexa Swingle

Alexa Swingle's involvement as a Shot@Life Champion began during her freshman year of college. She is currently a practicing pharmacist, dedicating her time to advocate for global vaccine equity.

March 2022

Champion Spotlight: Gail Petersen Hock

Shot@Life grassroots advocate Gail Petersen Hock, DNP, APRN, PHCNS-BC, PHNA- BC, is a passionate changemaker from Arizona who is devoted to promoting immunization and protecting people from vaccine-preventable diseases. These efforts were a large part of her career as a nurse and nursing professor. Although she recently retired, she’s more devoted to her advocacy efforts than ever. 

November 2021

Champion Spotlight: La Vonne Downey

Dr. La Vonne Downey has been a Shot@Life Champion since 2015. She is the Director of Health Sciences Administration and a Professor of Health Sciences at Roosevelt University. 

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