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Shot@Life is a United Nations Foundation campaign
working to ensure everyone in the world
has access to lifesaving vaccines and
all children have a shot at life.



we educate

to raise awareness about global vaccine inequity

we advocate

to ensure strong U.S. government investment in global immunization programs

we partner

to mobilize further support and private resources for the global immunization work of our UN partners

we produce results

giving more of world’s people access to lifesaving vaccines and more children a shot at life

No One Should Die from a Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Millions around the world die each year because they lack access to the lifesaving vaccines many of us take for granted. Together, we can provide more people with access to vaccines, save lives, and ensure a healthier world for all.

since the Shot@Life campaign launched in 2012

$5.7b+ invested by U.S. government in global vaccine programs
120m+ vaccines provided to children thanks to our private partners and donors
4k+ Americans trained to become global vaccine equity advocates
235k+ engagements with U.S. members of Congress by Shot@Life advocates


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    Polio vaccines have allowed us to decrease global infections by 99.9%. We’re working on the last 0.01% to eliminate the polio threat entirely.

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    Measles is the most contagious of the vaccine-preventable diseases, so measles outbreaks are often the first to occur wherever health and vaccine delivery systems are weak.

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    Pneumonia, the single largest cause of death of children worldwide, kills more than 800,000 children each year. With vaccination rates at only 49%, we’ve got work to do to save lives.

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    It takes a village to give more of the world’s people access to vaccines and Shot@Life is fortunate to have wonderful partners. Our UN partners do the on-the-ground work of getting vaccines to people all around the world. U.S. membership organizations partner in support of our grassroots advocacy program. Our funding partners help make the global immunization and our U.S. advocacy work possible. And we all, together, raise awareness about global vaccine inequity and the lifesaving power of vaccines.

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