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Our Impact

Since 2012, Shot@Life partners and advocates have worked to ensure everyone around the world has access to vaccines and all children have a shot at a healthy life. And we’ve produced results…

4k+ Americans trained to become global vaccine equity advocates
5.7b+ invested by U.S. government in global vaccine programs
120m+ vaccines provided to children thanks to our private partners and donors

    I want my children to have happy lives.

    All parents love their children. In eastern Uganda, two mothers – one a nurse – show how vaccines are paving the way
to a healthier future for their own children and the children of their community.

    Watch “Our Children’s Future”

    Real People. Real Impact.

    December 2022

    Polio Vaccines Protect Children and Families from Hardship

    A Shot@Life means every child and every family the best possible opportunity to thrive, without the pain of diseases like polio.

    May 2023

    Mother’s Day: Bella’s sacrifices to vaccinate her children

    On Mother’s Day, we recognize the stories of moms like Bella and the sacrifices they make so their children are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

    I love that there are measureable goals and that you can see the benefit of the work that we do and the progress we have made together.
    — Bridget Murphy, Shot @ Life Champion

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    Invest in a healthier world. Your donation will support the global immunization work of our UN partners and the U.S. advocacy work of Shot@Life Champions who urge U.S. policymakers to strongly invest in this lifesaving work.

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