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Millions around the world don’t have access to lifesaving vaccines. Shot@Life is working to change that and we need your help!

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Annual Advocacy & Fundraising Periods

To mobilize resources for the global immunization work of our UN partners, Shot@Life organizes two U.S. advocacy activations and two fundraising periods every year. Our U.S. advocacy activations take place in the spring and fall when members of Congress are voting on the amount of funding to assign (or not) to global immunization programs in the U.S. federal budget, and our fundraising periods take place in the summer and winter (holiday season) to garner private funding support for on-the-ground, global immunization work.

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    By advocating for global vaccine equity, Shot@Life volunteers are helping us move closer to ensuring no child dies of preventable causes.
    — Henrietta Fore, former executive director of UNICEF