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Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Shot@Life works to ensure everyone in the world has access to lifesaving vaccines and all children have a shot at life. Learn more about vaccine-preventable diseases and our effort to reduce unnecessary suffering and save lives.

Global Immunization Strategies

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Immunization Agenda 2030

An ambitious global strategy to maximize the lifesaving impact of vaccines that, if fully implemented, will save 50 million lives by 2030. Shot@Life and our IA2030 partners seek to create a world where everyone, everywhere, at every age fully benefits from all existing and new vaccines for good health and well-being.

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Big Catch-Up 2030 and Beyond_report cover

Millions of infants and children around the world did not receive their routine immunizations over the past several years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recovery plan lays out the path to reach those missed children and get immunization rates back on track.

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Join the Call — #VaccinesForAll

Join the call for global vaccine equity. The Shot@Life campaign is your portal for action. Sign up here to join our network!

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