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Immunization for All is #HumanlyPossible

This World Immunization Week, we celebrate the historic improvements to human flourishing made possible by vaccines.

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Today marks the beginning of one of Shot@Life’s favorite times of year: World Immunization Week. It’s a time when we unite with partners and supporters worldwide to underscore the remarkable achievements made possible by vaccines.

This year holds particular significance as we unveil a new vaccine campaign alongside our partners, UNICEF, Gavi, WHO and Gates Foundation. Entitled “Humanly Possible,” this initiative underscores the lifesaving achievements of immunization and reminds us that, through human effort and ingenuity, a world where no child dies of a preventable disease is possible. 

A historic achievement

Vaccines stand as one of humanity’s most remarkable triumphs. Over the past 50 years alone, they’ve saved more than 154 million lives – an astounding feat equating to six lives saved every minute for the last five decades. Vaccines been essential contributors to a 40% reduction in infant mortality, meaning more children than ever before in human history not only survive past their first birthdays, but have the chance to go on to thrive. 

This success story is fundamentally one of collaboration. It is thanks to the work of scientist and researchers, the heroic immunization drives led by governments and the United Nations, and the dedication of healthcare workers, advocates, and volunteers. Our collective efforts have yielded monumental victories, including the eradication of smallpox and the elimination of two of the three strains of polio – testaments to the power of science, determination, and international solidarity. 

Add your voice

We are thrilled to launch such an uplifting campaign, which will feature prominently on social media, in leading newspapers, across online platforms, and even in iconic locations like Times Square and Washington DC’s Union Station. And we invite you to join us in spreading its message. Please consider liking, reposting, and sharing across your social media channels. 

Together, we can remind the world of the triumphs of immunization and build a healthier future for all.

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Martha Rebour

Martha Rebour joined the UN Foundation in June 2014. As Executive Director, she oversees campaign strategy and implementation, corporate partnerships, advocacy and communications activities of the campaign. Prior to joining the Foundation, Martha worked for 15 years in strategic branding, digital and social media marketing, messaging, creative development, partnership building, and consumer research for corporate and nonprofit clients. While at Discovery Channel, Martha crafted multi-million dollar marketing campaigns around events such as Shark Week and the award-winning series Planet Earth. In her spare time Martha enjoys cooking, reading contemporary fiction, and spending time traveling and being outside with her family.