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Social Media Sample Language

  • #DidYouKnow immunizations currently save more than 4 million lives each year? Vaccines ensure every child is protected from deadly diseases and has a @ShotAtLife. To learn more about how to advocate for global vaccinations, visit
  • Vaccines protect entire communities and future generations from infectious disease. Sign the @ShotAtLife petition that lets your legislators know you support global immunization programs 👉
  • I advocate for global vaccine access with @ShotAtLife because every year, 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases. We can solve this issue with lifesaving #VaccinesForAll.
  • Every $1 invested in vaccination saves more than $50 in healthcare costs, lost wages, and lost productivity due to illness. This makes vaccines one of the most cost-effective global health interventions. #VaccinesWork

Advocate to Vaccinate Language

  • I support equitable access to lifesaving vaccines for children around the 🌏 Join me and @ShotAtLife as we #AdvocateToVaccinate. Sign the petition to ask Congress to fully fund global immunization programs in 2024: #VaccinesWork
  • Over the next 6️⃣ weeks, I will #AdvocateToVaccinate so children around the world get a @ShotAtLife. Expanding access to vaccines for the most vulnerable is critical in the fight against infectious diseases. Visit for info on how YOU can make an impact 💚
  • 25 million children missed out on basic childhood vaccines, the largest backslide in child vaccinations in 30 years. On 4/25, join @ShotAtLife’s nationwide call-in day to call your legislators at 202-902-6614 & advocate for vaccine equity 📞Talking points: