Shot@Life Newsletter: June 2020

Shot@Life Stands in Solidarity

Shot@Life is proud to stand with those fighting for racial justice in the United States and around the world. We believe access to healthcare is a human right, and so our advocates and staff members remain dedicated to addressing structural inequities that create barriers to healthcare for people living in the poorest and most marginalized communities around the world. (Read our full statement here.)

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s Successful Replenishment

Issues of inequity go hand in hand with access to vaccines and quality healthcare and will surely pose significant challenges when it comes to distributing and administering an eventual COVID-19 vaccine. That is why Shot@Life is thrilled to congratulate Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on a successful replenishment. On June 4, world leaders came together and pledged $8.8 billion for Gavi, surpassing the funding goal by $1.3 billion.

Gavi’s mission was – and still is – to protect the next generation. Today’s infants emerge into a world battling a pandemic and mired in conflict, a world where health outcomes too often depend on a child’s place of birth or the color of that child’s skin. In the United States and across the globe, we recognize that now more than ever, we must work to build a society rooted in equity where every person can survive and thrive. Ensuring all children have access to vaccines continues to be an essential piece of this work. Shot@Life proudly stands with Gavi, united in our pursuit to create a healthier, safer, and more just world.

Protecting Progress

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted global immunization programs. In 68 of the world’s most vulnerable countries, more than 80 million children under the age of 1 are at risk of missing out on lifesaving vaccinations.

As part of our mission to increase awareness around the importance of global vaccinations, Shot@Life is launching a campaign highlighting global progress in routine childhood immunizations and the importance of protecting that progress amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Titled Protecting Progress, the campaign will launch this June and run through September 2020. A multifaceted campaign, it will combine direct advocacy, grassroots activations, media attention, and partner mobilization. The products of the campaign will include two infographics, an animated video, as well as blog posts, op-eds, and webinars. The first of the infographics is viewable here.

A Look Ahead

June 27: Global Citizen’s ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ campaign to ensure access to COVID-19 tests, treatment, and vaccines for everyone, everywhere in the world will culminate on June 27th with an international pledging summit.

  • Martha Rebour joined the UN Foundation in June 2014. As Executive Director, she oversees campaign strategy and implementation, corporate partnerships, advocacy and communications activities of the campaign. Prior to joining the Foundation, Martha worked for 15 years in strategic branding, digital and social media marketing, messaging, creative development, partnership building, and consumer research for corporate...