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AdvocacyMay 6, 2020

Congressional Support for World Immunization Week 2020

World Immunization Week 2020 was an opportunity for the global health community to come together to urge our leaders to make #VaccinesWork for all. At this critical moment, the Shot@Life Team was thrilled to see so many representatives tweet in support of global immunization programs and our UN partners.

Here are a few highlights:

Thank your elected officials:

Make sure to thank your MOC if they appear on this list by retweeting their post. Showing your support for World Immunization Week helps your legislators know that global childhood immunization programs are important to their voters. Not sure what to say?

Try this easy thank you message:

“Proud to see my representative supporting global childhood immunization programs!
Thanks to @______ for reminding the world that #VaccinesWork.”

Check out the full list:

Katie Blanton