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AdvocacyMay 9, 2018

A better life for her children; Suksaway’s Story

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we are honoring mothers around the world. On a recent trip to Laos, we met Suksaway. As a child, she and her siblings contracted measles. They endured immense pain while the virus ran its course, and were lucky to survive. Sadly, 90,000 children a year are not as fortunate.

Suksaway and her son, Suksawan

Now a mother, Suksaway wants a better life for her children. She wants to protect them from contracting this deadly disease and experiencing the pain she went through as a child. She traveled from her village to the hospital 20 miles away to have her youngest son, Suksawan, vaccinated against measles and other infectious diseases.

Parents waiting at The New Mother and Child Hospital

The New Mother and Child Hospital, just outside of Vientiane, vaccinates nearly 60 children a day to protect them against preventable childhood diseases. Mothers, fathers, and children travel there from throughout the capital region to receive vital health care services. Suksaway knows the lifesaving vaccines Suksawan receives at the hospital will give him his best chance of a living long, healthy life.

Nurses preparing vaccination records

You can help support mothers around the world, like Suksaway, by supporting Shot@Life.

Lindsey Miller-Voss