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AdvocacyMay 11, 2017

Ambassador Mark Green nominated to lead USAID

President Donald J. Trump announced this week the nomination of Ambassador Mark Green to be Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Ambassador Green has a strong track record of thoughtful leadership in foreign affairs and we congratulate him on the nomination!

The former U.S. ambassador to Tanzania and Congressman represented Wisconsin’s 8th District for four terms. In Congress, he helped craft key bipartisan global health and development initiatives like the Millennium Challenge Act and President George W. Bush’s international AIDS program, PEPFAR. He is currently serving as President of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing citizen-responsive, citizen-centered governance around the world.

Ambassador Green understands the importance of global health and child immunization programs that save lives, protect American security, and make smart economic sense. Every year immunization prevents between 2 and 3 million deaths, and every $1 invested in immunization programs returns $44 in reduced treatment costs and increased economic productivity. Over the past 15 years alone, immunization has driven down measles deaths by 79%, and since 1988 has reduced polio cases by 99.9%, leaving the world nearly polio-free.

If confirmed by the Senate, however, Ambassador Green would lead USAID at a time when U.S. funding for foreign assistance faces deep budget cuts. Strong, stable foreign assistance funding is crucial to achieving many strategic goals that matter to children and families around the world.

Shot@Life and all 1,400 of our grassroots supporters stand ready to work with Ambassador Green to maintain strong U.S. investment in USAID global health and immunization programs.  Working together, we can end preventable child deaths within our lifetime and give every child a shot at a healthy life.

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Martha Rebour

Martha Rebour joined the UN Foundation in June 2014. As Executive Director, she oversees campaign strategy and implementation, corporate partnerships, advocacy and communications activities of the campaign. Prior to joining the Foundation, Martha worked for 15 years in strategic branding, digital and social media marketing, messaging, creative development, partnership building, and consumer research for corporate and nonprofit clients. While at Discovery Channel, Martha crafted multi-million dollar marketing campaigns around events such as Shark Week and the award-winning series Planet Earth. In her spare time Martha enjoys cooking, reading contemporary fiction, and spending time traveling and being outside with her family.