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Champion VoicesMay 17, 2016

Champion Spotlight: Ashley Daigle


Ashley Daigle with Rep. Bruce Poliquin from Maine’s second congressional district (center) and Champion Leader Dr. David Fredenburg (right).

Ashley Daigle is a new Champion, joining Shot@Life in February of this year. Since then, however, she’s been busy attending the Champion Summit, visiting her Congressman on Capitol Hill, and meeting with Senator King’s office in Maine. She participated in Shot@Life’s Advocate2Vaccinate National Call-In Day, and have been working to spread the word of Shot@Life’s vital mission via social media and in-person encounters. She graduated from the University of Maine in 2004 with a BA in International Affairs, attended graduate school at Tulane University and has worked in the non-profit, private, and public realms. She lives in Maine with her husband and son. 

“How did you first get involved with the Shot@Life campaign?”

I first got involved with the Shot@Life campaign when I noticed an invitation to apply to be a champion on social media. I was accepted and attended the summit, which was my first real experience with the campaign. I was hooked!

“What is some advice you could give when contacting and working with Congressional leaders?”

Firstly, I would recommend getting some background information about your representative. Is he or she a fiscal conservative or liberal? Has he or she sponsored or voted for any legislation in the recent past that might tie in to your ask somehow? Secondly, make sure you have facts and sources for those facts. You don’t have to memorize them or anything, just make sure you know where your information is coming from. 

“What is your favorite memory with Shot@Life?”

Since I’ve only been with Shot@Life for a few months, my favorite memory is certainly the Champion Summit! It was an amazing experience… I learned so much and met so many great people. Besides, who doesn’t love Capitol Hill?

“What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment with the campaign?”

I guess my greatest accomplishment with the campaign has been to make my Senators and Representative aware of our cause and of it’s importance. I feel like even getting a fiscal super-conservative to hear you out when you’re asking for $750million to support citizens of other countries is quite a feat.

“What do you want people to know about being a Champion?”

I want people to know how easy it is to be a Champion! The Shot@Life staff are great at preparing you for what you want to do, whether it’s meeting with your members of Congress or just spreading the word about the campaign. The materials really speak for themselves and this is a cause that most everyone can agree on!

“Can you talk about the work you do outside of the campaign?”

Currently I stay at home with my son, who is four. We stay busy; we’re very involved in the community and are always working on our 19th century Victorian home. I hope once my son is in school I can get back to more formal work, but for now Shot@Life has made me feel like I’m still part of society!


Alex Mazzarisi