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AdvocacyMay 6, 2016

Support Moms Around the World this Mother’s Day

As a mom myself, I can’t think of a better gift than helping other mothers protect their children. Mothers all over the world want what’s best for their children and we can help provide them with life-saving vaccines this Mother’s Day!

At Shot@Life, we strive to help every child by giving them the opportunity to grow up to be healthy and productive adults no matter where they live. We want to give every mother a chance to see her baby take their first steps, celebrate their first birthday and attend their first day of school. Together, we can help make this a reality and reach those living in the hardest to reach areas of the world.

This Mother’s Day help Shot@Life support the work of the United Nations by making a tribute gift and in return, we will send a card to your mother, from you, just in time for Mother’s Day. Plus, every $20 gift made will send life-saving vaccines to protect 20 children from measles, a highly infectious and deadly disease for children.

Don’t let Mother’s Day pass without honoring your mom with a donation that helps save lives!



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Martha Rebour

Martha Rebour joined the UN Foundation in June 2014. As Executive Director, she oversees campaign strategy and implementation, corporate partnerships, advocacy and communications activities of the campaign. Prior to joining the Foundation, Martha worked for 15 years in strategic branding, digital and social media marketing, messaging, creative development, partnership building, and consumer research for corporate and nonprofit clients. While at Discovery Channel, Martha crafted multi-million dollar marketing campaigns around events such as Shark Week and the award-winning series Planet Earth. In her spare time Martha enjoys cooking, reading contemporary fiction, and spending time traveling and being outside with her family.