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Happy 4th Birthday to Us!

When we first launched Shot@Life I had so many fears. Will we be able to reach a national audience with a global message? Will any volunteers want to join us? How do we handle the anti-vax community?

That first year was an uphill battle. We hosted fewer than 50 volunteers at our first Shot@Life Champion Summit. This year, we had more than 150 attendees with a waiting list of volunteers ready to accept the challenge. Our Champion base has grown leaps and bounds since those early days, with nearly 1200 trained Champions advocating and fundraising for global immunizations across the U.S. as well as internationally. Our online community has also grown tremendously with more than 300,000 supporters who are willing to step up when asked.

Most importantly, together, we are making a difference in the lives of children around the globe. We have raised nearly $7 million in donor and private sector funds in just 4 years—this is equivalent to supporting 15 million children in getting at least one of the four vaccines we support.

What do you give a four-year-old for their birthday? Well this may be unconventional, but we are asking our supporters to celebrate our birthday by calling their Congressional leaders and asking them to support full funding for global health programs. If we all join together on this day we can have a tremendous collective impact.

Thank you for your continuous support and click here to access resources on how to call your Congressional leaders.

Devi R. Thomas