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Current GFWC Lifesaver Awards Program Winners

It has been a real pleasure working with GFWC clubwomen across the nation on the Shot@Life Awards Program this spring. Like the season, we are starting to see lime green grow across the nation from club to club and community to community. Instead of plants, flowers and vegetation, you are helping to give children everywhere a shot at life and that’s something to be incredibly proud of.

This year, in an effort to boost participating from clubs who do not feel comfortable fundraising, we incorporated grassroots advocacy action into the Lifesaver Awards Programs. Essentially, clubs and states can sky rocket their ranking to the silver, gold or platinum level by recruiting two champions (silver ) or holding a meeting (gold) or two (platinum) with their member of congress or senator.  If you are aware of anyone who completed these tasks, please have your club submit this form to your State International ISP Chairwomen by May 15th.

Otherwise, we would like to thank and encourage the clubs and states across the nation for their fundraising efforts so far! Click here to view the current rankings to date. We would like to congratulate the following top five clubs and states as of April 4, 2016.  Keep up your great work!


Clubs Club Total State State Total
GFWC Northboro JWC $2500 GFWC North Carolina $3392
GFWC Tampa Woman’s Club $2100 GFWC Massachusetts $3247.85
GFWC Woman’s Club of Holden Beach $2042 GFWC Rhode Island $3151.45
GFWC Cookeville JWC $1550 GFWC Florida $2908.12
GFWC Atlanta Woman’s Club $1500 GFWC California $2825.78


These figures will next be updated on May 1st so stay tuned to see where you place!  In the meantime, there is still time to win!  Clubs/States only have to raise $125/$625 to receive recognition!

Spring is also the season for housekeeping. In an effort to make it easier to win at the State level, we have ‘cleaned up’ our criteria to qualify as a Lifesaver State.  For your state to qualify, you simply need to promote the Lifesaver Award Program at your State Convention and have10% participation from the clubs in your state.  Click here to see the revised award program!

Lastly, lime green means many things to us during this time of year. To Shot@Life, lime geen is our signature color of the campaign.  We wear it with pride to raise awareness of our vital mission to help stop unnecessary childhood deaths that could have been prevented by a vaccine. We encourage you to incorporate lime green into your spring activities to boost awareness of global childhood immunizations campaigns in your community.  Please send your pictures to me at so we can incorporate them into a special feature at the National Convention.

Thanks again for all of your hard work! We truly appreciate all of your efforts.



Anna Kavaliunas