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Champion VoicesJuly 13, 2015

Champion Spotlight: Pam Margolis

“My legacy is diarrhea.” As a Shot@Life Champion Leader, blogger, librarian, and mother of two, Pam Margolis will talk to anyone who listens about diarrhea. Her goal is to remind parents that “there are children in other countries who are dehydrated and die from it.”

Pam asked herself, “What can I do to change that?” because “every little kid loves their favorite book, and if a child is sick, they can’t read.” This is why Pam wanted to become a Champion.

With Champions from all over the United States, Pam felt like she was surrounded by like-minded people. She loved standing up for childhood alongside people as passionate as her. “I saw that there was a place for me and I could make a difference; that’s why I decided to do as much as I could.”

Last summer, Pam hosted a Fairy Tale Tea Party. At the event, parents donated $10 to Shot@Life and kids came together to read books and learn about vaccines—all dressed as their favorite fairy tale character!

For Pam, her reason behind supporting Shot@Life is a simple one. “I support Shot@Life because there are kids all over the planet who can’t get the same healthcare that I get for my kids. I think it’s important to remember that you can drive 15 minutes to your doctor, but around the world some moms have to walk 15 miles.”

Want to join Pam Margolis and advocates like her across the country? Join Shot@life’s next Champion training on July 23.