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Champion VoicesDecember 10, 2014

Welcome to Our New Champion Leaders!

As the New Year approaches, the Shot@Life Champion program continues to grow in both scope and numbers! In that spirit, Shot@Life is excited to announce the start of Shot@Life’s Champion Leader Program with 17 inaugural leaders seen in the list below. Each of these Shot@Life Champion Leaders will liaise with and support a group of Champions near to them geographically. The Leaders will relay information to and from Shot@Life to their Champions, help them in coordinating local events, provide them with information on Shot@Life activations and support them as needed. If you don’t see your state in the table below, I’ll remain your sole point of contact while we grow the Champion Leader program.

Shot@Life Champion Leaders

Name States Name States
Uchechi Emelogu AL, AR, LA, and MS Melody Butler NY
Ilina Ewen NC Nicolette Springer North FL
Yolanda Gordon SC Jessica Peace-Urgelles KY, IN, and OH
Felisa Hilbert TX, OK, and KS Andrea Riley NE, MO, and IA
Paula Kiger West GA Pam Margolis PA
Shannon Des
Roches Rosa
Bay Area and Northern CA Elizabeth Atalay RI, CT, and MA
Nancy Jones OR, ID, and WA Nicole Morgan South FL
Lori Harding UT Diane Glasgow TN
Dr. David Fredenburg NH, VT, ME

With the addition Champion Leaders, we will be changing up our communication structure a bit as outlined below:

  • Webinars –Champion-wide webinars will be hosted approx. every other month, focusing on specific activations and content.
  • Emails – Shot@Life staff will send out initial calls to activations, and Champion Leaders will follow-up.
  • Newsletter Updates – Shot@Life staff will send a once a month high-level overview of activities.

With the Champion Leader program, Shot@Life will be able to engage more personally at a local level, increase collaboration and community amongst Champions, and ultimately be a more effective campaign for childhood immunization! Should you still want to talk to Shot@Life staff, we’re still here and aren’t going anywhere.

Your Champion Leaders will be reaching out to you soon! If you are interested in becoming a Champion Leader, email me at