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AdvocacyAugust 16, 2014

Week 2: Blogust Wrap-Up

By: Alex Mazzarisi

I think for a lot of independent bloggers, we start out with a small idea we’re not sure anyone else will care about and through the generous nature of humanity we find ourselves connected to hundreds of thousands of like-minded (and not so like-minded) smart, passionate people. Maybe, like me you started you blog because you just wanted a place to archive weird stuff you found online. Maybe you started a blog because you were getting married or found out you were pregnant and wanted your friends and family to be to follow your journey from far away. Maybe you started a blog to get free samples. Whatever the impetus, I don’t think very many people start their blog with the idea that they will gain social influence or a attract a large audience.

But when it does, when you find yourself standing on a platform you never meant to build with a megaphone in your hand and the attention of more people than you could ever possibly fit in your home, there will inevitably be a moment where you step back and look at this thing you’ve created and think: “Okay…NOW what do I do with it?”

For me personally, and certainly for the amazing bloggers participating in Blogust, the answer was clear and unwavering. Social good. This past March I had the honor of participating the Shot@Life Champions Summit in D.C. and it was undeniably a life altering experience and absolutely a milestone first for me. What this organization does, and the collaborative, innovative way in which they do it inspires me every day, and getting to actually stand beside the people running it and talk to our representatives directly about the issues we’re fighting for was revelatory for me in terms of how I want to use my life. Which is why I’m so excited (and honored) to be rounding up Blogust 14’s second week of posts for you. I hope you have a full copy of coffee because I’m hitting you with a pretty incredible bunch of reads. (And if you need a refresher on how this whole thing works, each comment left on each one of these posts, as well as this posts right here will translate to an actual vaccination being given that can and will save the lives of a real live child just like the ones you know, but without access to all the things we are so lucky to have in this country.

To kick things off, Liz Gumbinner of Mom101 (who incidentally inspired the entire Blogust movement with a speech she once gave on the power of comments) wrote a post about watching her girls leave the dependency of early childhood behind as they become self-sufficient strong girls. It’s beautiful, and thought-provoking, and something I think we can all agree that Mothers of all walks of life should get to experience with their children. Read it (AND COMMENT!) HERE.

Tuesday, Kimberly N. Foster of For Harriet wrote about being a cautious a driven child, and how that has come flooding back to her in protective form now that she’s the proud aunt to two twin girls. Reading the perspectives of women like Kimberly who stayed their carefully plotted course while I strayed so far from my own reminds me that no matter where we land, having children come in to our life reframes everything we’ve ever known. That’s the beauty of watching them grow. We get to grow with them. Read Kimberly’s wonderful post (AND COMMENT!) HERE.

Having just sent my own child to Kindergarten for the first time this week, Jim Higley’s emotional post about sending his oldest son off to college for the first time resonated with me on a heartwrenching, slightly terrifying, entirely inspiring level. Each comment on his post will give another parent a chance at experience all of the ups and downs of watching their child leave the nest. Read Jim’s post and comment comment comment HERE.

Heather Greenwood Davis from Globetrotting Mama is living the stuff of dreams. Two kids in tow, she and her husband have not let parenthood be a reason to stop exploring, learning about, and soaking in other cultures and her story about discussing the perceived dangers of foreign countries with a Mother living near the India/Pakistan border while Heather visited with her young children is eye opening about the googles through which we all view the world. Read it (and yes, I’m going to remind you again, COMMENT!) HERE.

Yesterday on her site Jen Burden of World Moms Blog pointed out that so many of the milestones we anxiously await in life amount to inconsequential memories, while some of the most mundane unexpected days provide life altering milestones. It’s a perspective you shouldn’t miss, I absolutely loved this post. And of course, don’t forget to comment!

Blogust makes it so simple to save a child’s life. You could save five lives right now by commenting on each of the posts linked above without even leaving your seat. Let’s see if you can create a memorable milestone right now. Remember the month you got 31 kids vaccinated just be leaving blog comments? Yeah. So will they.