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AdvocacyJuly 31, 2014

The Ws of Blogust 2014

“Blogust” might be a funny sounding word, but every year this digital event has a big impact on children around the globe.

Definition: Blogust is a month-long digital dialogue that has taken place every August since 2012. Bloggers from around the country post blogs to their pages on a specific day and ask their followers to comment on and share their posts. Every share and comment unlocks a vaccine donation from Walgreens to support children in developing countries through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.

Here are the five Ws you need to know:

Who: Blogust bloggers represent some of the country’s most influential and widest reaching bloggers. Combined with our alumni classes from 2012 and 2013, Blogust bloggers reach thousands of people every day.

What: Life-saving vaccines are donated by Walgreens through Shot@Life each time readers leave a comment or share the blog post via the social media icons on the bloggers’ pages, Shot@Life page, or the United Nations Foundation’s page.

When: Blogust ’14 bloggers will write, video, and photo blog every weekday during the month of August. Five Shot@Life Champions will post a weekend wrap-up to highlight the week’s Blogust blogs.

Where: Bloggers post their happy and healthy firsts blog to their own websites, but all blogs, along with a schedule for the month, can be found at

Why: Blogust ’14 has the potential to generate 60,000 life-saving vaccines for children around the globe, but can only be successful when the online community is engaged. Comments and shares count, so please visit and share and comment on every post throughout the month of August.

Devi R. Thomas