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AdvocacyApril 28, 2014

Giving Children a Shot at Blooming into Graceful Adults

Over the last five years, I have spent time in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia as a graduate student, a volunteer, and an aid worker. During this time, I witnessed firsthand the devastation of preventable childhood diseases – particularly in rural areas where medical care was sparse or non-existent. Approximately 1.5 million children in developing countries die each year from preventable diseases like measles and pneumonia.  Yet, one in five children still lack access to the life-saving immunizations to keep them alive. In 2013, I founded Bloom + Grace to help improve these odds.

Bloom + Grace is a socially conscious jewelry brand. Our pieces are handmade by artisans and designers in developing countries. With each piece purchased, our customers have the ability to help vaccinate between three and 12 children. From day one, I knew that childhood vaccinations would be our cause and Shot@Life would be the ultimate partner to achieve and actualize our goals. Bloom + Grace admires Shot@Life’s commitment to not only provide vaccinations but also to inspire a new generation of advocates who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

The name “Bloom + Grace” honors both children and our customers. Our brand aims to give children the opportunity to grow – or bloom – into healthy adults and it is by the grace of our customers that we are able to do so. We also aim to engage our loyal followers and customers in the cause and build a community of passionate people inspired to create change. Each piece of jewelry has a b+g charm indicating the number of children vaccinated by that purchase.  We hope this serves as a constant reminder to our customers the difference they have made for a child in need. By working directly with local artisans and designers in developing countries, not only are we helping ensure a healthier generation, but we are also supporting local businesses.

With Shot@Life, we want to show the world that you can look stylish while helping others. To celebrate our official launch on April 24, Bloom + Grace will match every vaccination provided by its customers through purchases on our website ( during World Immunization Week (April 24-30). Please visit our site and help us make a difference. It’s time to look good and do good!

Dani Lachowicz