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AdvocacyAugust 27, 2013

Winning the Battle Against Polio

I remember polio drops as a child. We stood in line at the elementary school to get the Salk vaccines. We all knew someone who had the debilitating disease and at one point thought it had also claimed my brother. The promise of a life free of polio was a miracle then, and it is today around the world where we have virtually eradicated this disease. We are nearly there: we have to win this battle!

Some key leaders in the business world are helping to lead this charge. They recognize that we have the chance to make history and are contributing to this global fight to eradicate diseases like polio. I had the chance to meet with the leaders from Walgreens yesterday – whose support for the Shot@Life Campaign prove what is possible when you open your doors and invite your communities to be part of something historic. There is incredible power in the ability of brands like Walgreens to help us create positive change for people around the world. We at the UN Foundation are grateful to them and to the partners like them who inspire everyone to take up their part in this historic effort.

You too can make a difference. Go to and comment to donate a vaccine to a child in need.

Devi R. Thomas