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AdvocacyDecember 11, 2012

We’re All in This Together

By, Holly Pavlika

I have always believed in the universality of motherhood – that all moms, no matter where they live, share their own special community and look out for each other. The reality is, we’re all in this together. This belief was confirmed while I was in Tanzania earlier this year, connecting with moms on the other side of the globe about our shared struggles getting our kids to do their homework, our challenges raising teenagers, and our hopes and dreams for their future.

Whether you’re a mom visiting your local pediatrician in New York City, or a mom walking 15 miles in Africa to access vaccines for your children, I learned that there is one thing every mom has in common: we will do whatever it takes to make the best life for our kids.

I’ll never forget the mothers I met in the Tanga Region. These moms knew how important vaccines are for keeping their babies healthy, and they were so proud to receive them. They told me that they sometimes walk for miles and stand in long lines to ensure their babies receive immunizations to protect them from preventable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea.

Since my return, and now especially as we head into the holiday season, I am reminded of all the things we take for granted – things that many people in developing countries consider privileges. For many mothers in developing countries, access to resources, even inexpensive vaccines, isn’t so easy.

So, will you join me in giving moms a gift this year? Will you donate $20 to help Shot@Life protect 1,000 children in developing countries?

As you search for the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year, consider choosing one of Shot@Life’s gift packages that will be put to good use, ensuring that children in countries like Tanzania have access to the vaccines they need.

Thank you for investing in a healthy world this holiday season by helping to give ALL children a shot at life.

Holly Pavlika