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AdvocacyChampion VoicesDecember 3, 2011

Baby Sofia Gets Her Shots

By, Amy Dielsi

As a new mom to my 6-month-old daughter Sofia, I worry about her all the time. Questions are always popping up in my mind. Is she growing ok? Is she sleeping and eating enough? Is she happy? But my biggest concern is her health.

Today, I took Sofia for her 6-month check-up. She received four shots, and while she cried for a minute when the nurse pricked her with the needles, I know it will save her and me from many more tears in the future. Amid the tears, she really was a trooper and I couldn’t get over how adorable the two little Band-Aids looked on her chubby legs.

I’m grateful that I have access to many of the tools I need to help keep Sofia safe and healthy. Hand sanitizer is my friend when people visit and cuddle her. This summer, I used stroller netting every day during our walks to keep pesky bugs from biting and making her itch. With all of these tools, the ones I’m most grateful for are the vaccinations that will protect her from some of the deadliest diseases.

My work at the United Nations Foundation reminds me every day that many mothers and fathers around the world don’t have the same tools to help keep their babies safe. It saddened me before, but now that I’m a mother, it pains me even more to think that another mother faces the very real possibility that her baby will get sick and die from a preventable disease like measles, polio, pneumonia, or diarrhea.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the Shot@Life campaign, it is easy to help parents around the globe protect their children through immunizations. When I had Sofia, I was excited to be welcomed into the mommy circle and I appreciate the advice and help fellow moms continue to give me. Becoming a mother has renewed my commitment to moms, not only in my neighborhood, but across the world. By donating to vaccines, we can help give every mom around the globe the tools she needs to keep her baby healthy and happy.

I can’t wait to watch Sofia take her first steps, and I am so excited for the day we have our first conversation together. These milestones are a part of motherhood, and I am committed to helping moms around the world get the opportunity to experience them with their children.

Watch this video of Amy renewing her commitment to helping moms around the world and giving children a shot at a healthy life.