Stand Up for Childhood

Let your elected officials know why you care about ensuring that children in developing countries have access to vaccines, and ask officials to continue to support global immunization programs. By voicing your support for vaccines, you can ensure that existing U.S. government support for global vaccines will continue to save the lives of millions of children around the world. Sustaining U.S. government support for global childhood vaccines is critical to building a healthier and more secure world for us all. Together, we can prevent millions of childhood deaths around the world.

Support U.S. Funding for Global Health and Vaccines

Right now, Congress is deciding how much funding to provide for global health programs, including childhood vaccines. It’s important that your representatives hear from YOU! Writing your member of Congress lets them know that that the health and safety of children around the world is a top priority for you. Take action!

Stand Up for Childhood

Meet with policy and decision makers to educate them about the importance of sustaining U.S. leadership in global health and childhood vaccines.

Pledge Your Support

Join an advocacy network that will educate policymakers and the public on the importance of life-saving vaccines for children in developing countries.


Advocacy Tools

Here you will find various tools to help you reach out to Members of Congress about the importance of providing vaccines to children in developing countries for building a healthier and more secure world for us all. Use these tools to stand up for childhood around the world by meeting with your representatives in Washington or at home, and send letters and emails to House and Senate offices.

Advocacy can be easy. Find out how.

A useful guide for a conversation with your member of Congress.

A simple template for reaching out to your Members of Congress.



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