Shot@Life By the Numbers


We are thrilled to share with you “Our First 5 Years” Shot@Life campaign impact report! See what you have helped Shot@Life accomplish and read about those who have benefited from your support.

Read the report here!


  • We have nearly 1,400 Champions—trained volunteers who are educated and can advocate for global immunizations.
  • In 2015, 111,849 letters were sent from Shot@Life advocates to Members of Congress with over 40,000 being sent to our target members of Congress.
  • There have been 67 media advocacy placements in 2014 and 2015 by Shot@Life bloggers and Champions.
  • Our first-ever Immunization Fellowship resulted in Shot@Life reaching 4.5M TV viewers in the US with advocacy messages and 33M listeners through radio.
  • We have raised more than $6.4M in donor and private sector funds-this is equivalent to supporting 30M children in getting at least one of the four vaccines we support.
  • Every dollar invested in the Shot@Life Champion program has shown $3 return in funds raised to support global vaccines.