Student Advocacy Program


What is our Student Advocacy Program?

Shot@Life clubs offer a great opportunity for students to build leadership skills and engage in global health issues to support vaccination efforts for children in developing countries. The strength of our campaign is you! By starting a Shot@Life Club, you can connect with advocates from across the country to advocate and make a difference. You are joining a fast-growing network of student leaders in development and health equity that are shaping a brighter future for all!

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Taking part in Shot@Life activities on our campus was a great way for our group to make an impact for children around the world and to learn about how our voices could shape the way our government works.

Erin, South Carolina

How It Works:

Any student can start a chapter by connecting with the Shot@Life team! Clubs are student-driven, which means that while professors can act as advisors, leaders should always be a student representative. As long as you have the support, successful clubs can also be affiliated with a local Shot@Life chapter or faith-based organization. They can also fold into an existing club on campus.

Club Requirements

  1. Host 1-2 Shot@Life activities each semester.
    These activities can range from advocacy actions like writing letters to your senators, or fundraisers like bake sales and walkathons. Need more ideas? See the Events section!
  2. Host 1-2 In-District Meetings each semester.
    This gives you and your members of Congress and their staff the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation about the issues most important to you! Prepare for a meeting and tell Congress why #VaccinesMatter by referencing page ## (How to Host an In-District Meeting)
  3. Complete Events Blog Report.
    We want to know about your successes! After each event, share photos and lessons with our club network on our Facebook page. Write a blog on how your event went and help share best practices with clubs around the country!
  4. Share Content.
    Help us grow and get the word out there. Keep up with Shot@Life’s work on Twitter at @ShotAtLife, join our club Facebook page, and help repost our content.
  5. Summit Attendance.
    A representative from your club should apply to attend our annual Summit! Registration opens each November for the following Spring. Join hundreds of champions on Capitol Hill to fight for global vaccines.

The Perks

By registering as a club, Shot@Life will provide the tools, resources, and opportunities you need to succeed:

  1. Become a Shot@Life champion.
    A Shot@Life champion is trained to confidently advocate for global vaccines as one of the most effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries. Being part of the champion community means you get to network with other committed professionals!
  2. Leadership, Service, Growth.
    Develop advocacy, public speaking, and leadership skills as a young leader in global health. From meeting with your members of Congress, to authoring a publication in your local or campus newspaper, you’ll gain all the experience you need to build your leadership portfolio.
  3. Be supported.
    Our team will be here to support you every step of the way! Email us anytime at and we will work to help you.
  4. Get the insider scoop.
    Receive access to special events, trainings, and opportunities with Shot@Life, such as webinars, meeting preparation, and one-on-one calls with Shot@Life staff.
  5. SWAG.
    We will get you started with all the materials you need! Not to mention, Shot@Life merch — from t-shirts to PopSockets to sweatshirts — is available for purchase at our Amazon Store.

Campus Support Coast-to-Coast:

Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona

University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

University of Florida

Gainsville, Florida

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas

Getting Started:

  • Is there already a health advocacy club on your campus?
  • What is the environment on campus for this type of student organizing?
  • Will there be students and faculty interested in joining the club?
  • Are there any other student groups working on vaccine advocacy?
  • Could you plug Shot@Life’s goals into an existing student group?

Reflecting on the answers to these questions will help you assess the interest and need for a Shot@Life Club at your school. Consider opportunities to collaborate with existing health clubs and how you can bring our cause to them to build interest and membership.
When you’re ready, click below to connect with Shot@Life and download our complete Campus Guide.

Leadership in Action:

Meet Sameen:
Founding member of the ImmUNITY Campaign at the University of Iowa and passionate vaccine advocate!

Meet Emilee:
Emilee served as the campus lead and statewide Champion Leader in Iowa.