Getting Started

Getting Started


Who are Shot@Life Champions?

Shot@Life Champions represent our strongest supporters across the nation and the world — individuals who are dedicating their voice, time, and support to stand up for childhood in developing countries. Champions represent a diverse group of parents, students, medical professionals, activists and anyone who believes in the importance of global childhood immunizations.

What do Shot@Life Champions do?

Shot@Life Champions help move the policy needle to ensure that the U.S. Government continues to fund global childhood immunization programs. They also fundraise to support the work of the UN and our partners to support global immunizations programs. These programs protect children in developing countries from the deadly and debilitating effects of measles, polio, pneumonia, and diarrhea.  Since Shot@Life launched in 2012, our Champions have held more than 825 Congressional meetings and taken more than 60,000 online actions in support of global immunization programs. As a campaign, we have collectively raised funds to support millions of children.  Champions receive training to help them build relationships with their members of Congress, use the media to advocate, fundraise for vaccines, and maximize the impact of events. Champions also have exclusive access to UN Foundation events and are the first to receive reports and information from the UN and our vaccine partners.  

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How can I become a Shot@Life Champion?

Shot@Life has dedicated staff to help you become a Shot@Life Champion, prepare you to effectively advocate and fund-raise and truly support you throughout your volunteer career. If you are not yet a champion, but want to become one, sign in to the champion community to attend a virtual webinar training and get started with the champion program!

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