Meet our Team: Heidi

Heidi is the Senior Associate of Partnerships for Shot@Life. In this role, she works on prospect research to identify potential new corporate partnerships, while managing current relationships.

Learn more about her in our Q&A below!

How long have you been with Shot@Life?

Since November 2018.

What has been your favorite moment since joining the team?

The Champion Summit! I had a chance to meet all the champions and got to connect with my Hill Day group. I also learned from industry leaders about vaccines and how we can all become champions for childhood global health. It was great to see everyone on the team shine and all the hard work pay off.

What do you think the biggest challenge is for vaccine advocacy?

Politics have become more polarized than ever so it’s been challenging to continue building on vaccine confidence. The fact is that vaccines work, and there’s so much scientific evidence behind it.

What do you wish people knew about advocacy?

When I first started learning about advocacy, I thought it was something lobbyists did. But advocacy is really about speaking out on important issues for everyday citizens like you and me.

What excites you most about your work?

Being part of something bigger has been exciting for me. I’m beyond proud to be supporting the UN’s work through the UN Foundation and Shot@Life.

Why did you join the Shot@Life team?

I wanted my work to contribute to something greater than myself. I knew that joining Shot@Life would allow me to make a positive impact.

Do you have any fun facts that our champions may not know about you?

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Public Administration. It’s been a challenge, but I’m learning so much about how our federal government operates and how to handle various organization and agency issues. I hope I will be able to use these skills in program management and advocacy in the future!

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