Meet our Team: Kyle

Kyle is the grassroots advocacy intern for Shot@Life and started working with the campaign in January of this year. Kyle helps support our grassroots team and our champion advocates.

Learn more about him in our Q&A below!

How long have you been with Shot@Life?

I started working with the Shot@Life team in late January of 2019. As a junior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, I understand the significance grassroots efforts can have on a global scale. The Shot@Life campaign strives to put power in the hands of the people, helping to save the lives of children all around the world. I wanted to be a part of it.

What has been your favorite moment since joining the team?

I don’t think there is a moment I can pick out, but rather highlight the environment I am surrounded by. The people here are all very friendly and want to help you succeed, no matter how you define that. UNF encourages you to explore your interests and talk with people within every part of its community. The fact that I have been able to be a fly on the wall for high-staff meetings as an intern clearly demonstrates how they value all employees.

What do you think the biggest challenge is for vaccine advocacy?

I believe the hardest part is transitioning individuals from loving the Shot@Life mission to acting upon it. From what I have observed during my time here, the whole team strives every single day to make every action as convenient and impactful for each person as possible.

What do you wish people knew about advocacy?

I wish people knew the power advocacy has. Every person has a voice. Every person can stand for what they believe in. Every person can make a difference.

What excites you most about your work?

I show up every day excited to get to work, because I know that what I am doing here makes an impact. The UN Foundation fights for great causes and I am glad that I can learn from and be a part of it.

Do you have any fun facts that our champions may not know about you?

The reason I am motivated to make a global, social impact is mainly from my time spent with an international peace organization known as CISV. I joined when I was 13 years old, traveled to Brazil, Norway and South Korea, and created life-long friendships with like minded individuals from all around the world. CISV provided me with the most impactful experiences I have ever had in my life.

  • Lindsey Miller-Voss joined the Shot@Life team in 2017 as the Communications Officer. In this role, Lindsey works to best communicate the mission and passion of the Shot@Life team, as well as provide tools to our advocates. Prior to working with the United Nations Foundation, Lindsey served a number of nonprofit development organizations and mission-driven startups. Lindsey’s...