Shot@Life's first-ever delegation of champions traveled to Uganda October 23 - 29 to help tell the Shot@Life story and show the immunization successes in Uganda and the amazing work of our partners at UNICEF. Check here for blog posts, videos, photos and more updates from the trip!

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A Ugandan Visit with Shot@Life
December 12, 2012
By Nancy Jones
As a Shot@Life Champion I was selected to join a team goingt to Uganda to see the success of UNICEF's immunization campaigns around the world. Read more...
Shot@Life Uganda Trip Blog: World AIDS Day
December 2, 2012
By Cindy Levin
I'm thinking about Uganda again on World AIDS Day. Read more...
World AIDS Day and the Reality of HIV/AIDS in Uganda
December 1, 2012
By Julie Marsh
Some of the most mind-boggling sights I saw in Uganda were at Railway Primary School. Read more...
Wild About Uganda
November 22, 2012
By LaShaun Martin
As I cooked last night, and awoke this morning preparing for my family, my heart is so heavy with the faces of Ugandan children etched in my memory. Read more...
The Fort Portal Mothers Group: A Study in Personal Similarities Under Different Cultural Circumstances
November 15, 2012
By Felisa Hilbert
I loved our visit to Fort Portal, Uganda on Sunday, October the 28th, 2012 Read more...

We're "this close" to eradicating polio!
Immunization health workers in Uganda.
Getting ready for day 2 in Uganda.
 Cindy shows pictures of her children in the US.
A little girl plays with her puppy in Mugoma.
A mother and child share a special moment.
Julie Marsh with girl on Family Health Day
Jenny Eckton shares a moment with a child.
Nancy Jones holds a child in Uganda.
Shot@Life Champions during a home visit.
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 Watch Ilina Ewen's thoughts during day one.  Julie Marsh sharing her thoughts during day one.
Day 2 Uganda: LaShaun Martin
Day 2 Uganda: Jenny Eckton
Day 3 Uganda: Cindy Levin
Day 3 Uganda: Stephanie Geddes
 Day 3 Uganda: Nancy Jones
 Day 3 Uganda: Jennifer Burden
 Day 3 Uganda: Felisa Hilbert
 Motherhood is Universal
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