Blogust: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in Blogust?
Comment! Your comments are the key to saving lives and helping mothers and fathers around the world share some of life’s most important milestones with their children. Every day, make a comment that gives a child a shot at life and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

How does Blogust work?
Blogust is a month-long digital dialogue bringing in 31 of the most influential online writers together to help change the world through their words. The 31 Blogust bloggers will participate in a blog relay, with one blogger posting each day for the month of August 2013. Every comment they receive to their posts throughout the month will trigger a donation by Walgreens to provide a vaccine for a child in need around the world (up to 50,000 vaccines). 

If I comment multiple times on a blog post, will that count?
Yes, all comments will be counted during the month of August. For every comment, a measles or polio vaccine will be donated for a child in a developing country.

When will the blog posts be posted?
Blog posts will be posted in the early morning U.S. time each day. 

Do comments on Pinterest count? 
Some participating authors will post their blog on Pinterest.  Comments on those pins and repins originating from the author of the post will be counted towards Blogust comment totals. Blogust authors scheduled to post on Pinterest will be featured on August 8th, 21st, 26th, 27th, and the 28th.  These dates are subject to change. 

Do Facebook comments, Tweets, Retweets, Google+ other social media comments count?
We are so inspired by and grateful for all the sharing of Blogust that's happened so far that Walgreens generously want to recognize everything you're doing to spread this important issue! We are now adding Facebook shares and comments as well as tweets of bloggers or Twitter posts that come directly from the original blog post. We will also count comments and shares from the postings on our Shot@Life Facebook page, UN Foundation Facebook page, from the bloggers' own Facebook pages and from Shot@Life’s partner Facebook pages.

Google+ posts, tweets, retweets, and favoriting tweets do not count as comments though we welcome any and all social media sharing of Blogust posts. Guy Kawasaki’s post on August 20th is an exception: comments on his Google+ and LinkedIn posts of his Blogust piece will be counted.

What role does Walgreens have in Blogust?
For every comment on the 31 Blogust blog posts, Walgreens will donate a life-saving vaccine to give children around the world a shot at life. 

Walgreens and the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign are partnering to send 50,000 polio and measles vaccines to children who need them the most in developing countries. Polio vaccines cost on average $0.13 and measles vaccines cost on average $0.23, with an additional $0.70 per vaccine for delivery costs (refrigeration, health worker education, transportation, proper disposal of waste, etc.).  However, Blogust is only one part of an overall commitment from Walgreens. Stay tuned for the next phase of the Walgreens partnership with Shot@Life in a few weeks!

How will the money be used?
Funds will go directly to support measles and polio vaccination efforts, by UNICEF and WHO, in the countries where they are needed the most.

Is there a limit to the total number of comments for Blogust that will count for the vaccines donation?
The goal is to get up to 50,000 comments, or up to 50,000 vaccines donated for Shot@Life. 

What is the history of Blogust?
During the 2012 Mom 2.0 Summit, a comment was made during one of the sessions that changed the way the Shot@Life campaign looked at our work. Liz Gumbinner, author of Mom 101 said “Comments are our currency”. We took that to heart and we decided that we were going to start an initiative that brought together some of the top voices in the space who cared about the issue of vaccines for children around the world; and Blogust was born! 

Thirty-one incredible bloggers joined the first Blogust team in August 2012. Comments to the Blogust blog posts unlocked donations to help save lives. Each day, one Blogust blogger posted his or her personal story and invited their community to share thoughts in the comments so that funds could be donated to Shot@Life. Blogust 2012 was a definitive success - more than 11,000 comments flooded in, surpassing our goal of 10,000 comments. This translated into life-saving vaccines for 10,000 kids around the world.

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