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March 1, 2013

 impact email graphic3Wow – this month has been amazing! This February '28 Days of Impact' celebrated the role that vaccines play in helping to save the lives of children around the world. Each day throughout the month, influential voices – bloggers, Congressmen and Congresswomen, moms and dads shared incredible stories about the meaningful and significant impact vaccines have globally. From LaShaun Martin writing about the first time she held Baby Harriet, to Fadra Nally sharing the story of a polio volunteer who puts his life at risk, to Jim Lin’s tale of two brothers and their crazy adventures – this has been a month for incredible story telling about global realities.

If you missed any of the inspiring stories, you can still read them now. If you’ve ever wondered why vaccines must be a priority for children in developing countries, read or re-read these stories:

Cecily Kellogg, Uppercase Woman
28 Days Of Impact

Elena Sonnino, Live.Do.Grow.
28 Days of Impact with Shot@Life

Jyl Johnson Pattee, Mom It Forward
Global Healthcare: Moms Helping Moms

Ilina Ewen, Dirt & Noise
Shot@Life 28 Days of Impact- Fort Portal, Uganda

Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress
28 Days of Impact: Saving Boniface

Suzanne Chan, Mom Confessionals
28 Days of Impact: The Story of Nilgun #vaximpact

Liz Gumbinner, Mom-101
Vaccinations Matter: The Shot @ Life 28 Days

Jeannette Kaplun, Hispana Global
28 Days of Impact: 2 Moms, Pneumonia and Vaccines

Liz Thompson, This Full House
28 Days of Impact: Why Are We Still Talking About Polio?

Roxanna Sarmiento, Everyday Treats
28 Days of Impact: From Somalia to Boston, We Can All Be Social Mobilizers

Ana Flores, Spanglish Baby
Real-Life Stories of the Impact of Global Vaccines #vaximpact

Amy Graff, BabyCenter
28 Days of Impact with Shot@Life: Saving Kids’ Lives

Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks
On Travel, Photography, and Giving Kids a Shot at Life

Gina Carroll, Think Act Parent
Shot@Life’s 28 Days of Impact: Ezra Teshome and Doing Something Hard

Shannon Carroll, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup
Me and Miriam Down by the School Yard

Renee Ross, Cutie Booty Cakes
Never say Never!

Julie Marsh
If I Can’t Convince You to Vaccinate, Perhaps I Can Convince You to Advocate

Tracey Clark, Shutter Sisters
Daredevil Sikha Patra

John Boozman, U.S. Senator (R-AR)
U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) Supports Global Vaccination Efforts

CC Chapman
Fazli Ellahi is Making an Impact

Anissa Mayhew, Free Anissa
You Can Count on Me and @Shotatlife #vaximpact

Clay Nichols, Dad Labs
Ramesh Ferris Helps Others Have a Shot@Life

Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra
28 Days of Impact: The Story That Didn’t Want To Be Told

Jennifer Burden, World Moms Blog
Uganda, Shot@Life, Capitol Hill, Champs & Mohammad!

Tiany Davis, Social Savvy Mom
28 Days of Impact – Giving Children a Healthy Chance #vaximpact

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
28 Days of Impact

Jenny Eckton, Formerly Phread

28 Days of Impact: Valeria

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson
U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson Supports Efforts to Provide Vaccines to Children in Developing Countries

LaShaun Martin, Shootie Girl
28 Days of Impact: Baby Harriett

Jim Lin, Busy Dad Blog
Choose Their Own Adventure

Not only did their stories inspire me, they inspired all of you to make an impact.

By the end of the month, this community sent over 14,000 letters to Congress in support of global vaccines. By writing to your representatives in Washington, you let them know that all children deserve an equal shot at a healthy life.

From all of us at Shot@Life, thank you for advocating for global vaccines. We are humbled and inspired by your impactful actions.

Most sincerely,
Devi R. Thomas
Director, Shot@Life Campaign

P.S. Save the date for World Immunization Week! From April 24-30, Shot@Life will celebrate our first birthday! Don’t miss it! Tweet this!


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