Why you should care about measles

March 24, 2014 BY Devi R. Thomas

I’m sure you have seen the headlines:

Measles Outbreak Now Up To 20 Cases In New York City”- Huffington Post

“Measles Cases in California 10 Times Higher Than at Same Time Last Year” – California Healthline

And how could you have missed Kristin Cavallari announcing on national television that she isn’t going to vaccinate her child? She was on that reality show the OC right? Orange County, California is reporting 10 cases of measles.

Every day approximately 330 people -- mostly children in developing countries – die from measles. That is one person every four minutes.

Measles is a highly contagious disease and it travels well.

Last week, the United Nations Foundation published a blog, revisited from fall 2013, about why you should care about measles. Here are the top six reasons.


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