When I became a mother

March 26, 2013 BY Danielle Ramacciotti

The first time she smiled. The first time she grabbed her toes. The first time she got a fever. All milestones, though the latter you hope will take many months before it happens. Four and a half months ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Sofia. Since that day, she constantly surprises me with her sweet temperament, her ability to sing herself to sleep and what seems to be almost a new skill acquired daily. As I look down at her now with pink cheeks and a hot forehead, the worry that began on October 24, and will probably never leave me my entire life, reappears stronger once again. However, Sofia is lucky and we are lucky. We are fairly confident that the illness she has is something minor, and if it does escalate we can bring her in quickly to a doctor ten minutes down the road. 
We’ve now taken Sofia to two rounds of vital immunizations (perhaps more stressful on me than on her) that help assure us we are protecting her immune system in every way possible. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized the overwhelming desire to do everything possible to protect your child. There isn’t a thing I would not do given the opportunity. That’s why I’m so proud to be a part of the Shot@Life campaign. I want to give other mothers in developing countries that very same opportunity. As I look down at my sleeping daughter I feel worried but hopeful that in a day or two this fever will pass. I want nothing more for mothers all around the world to share the same confidence that they are able to give their children the healthiest start possible, so when they look down at their sick child it will be just one more milestone that they need to get through on their way to many more milestones that mark a healthy and fulfilled life.


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