Uganda Day 2

October 27, 2012 BY Stephanie Geddes

Uganda you are such an inspiring country! One of the key initiatives UNICEF, (The United Nations Children’s Fund) is implementing here are Family Health Days. Because 90% of the population go to a religious service every week, UNICEF decided this was a key way to access families and young children. It’s important to note that Shot@Life raises funds and awareness for these UNICEF campaigns. To take the health care to them! Today was a public holiday here, a Muslim tradition, so we were graciously invited to see some Family Health Days at local Mosques. All of the Imam’s, when leading prayers, choose passages from the Koran and relate them to the importance of sanitation and vaccines . After morning prayers, children under the age of 5 were welcome to be vaccinated for polio, measles, and tetanus.


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