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February 4, 2013 BY Ilina Ewen

4_Ugandian Uncle_Ilina Ewen_emailI still have to pinch myself. I can hardly believe the privilege I had to travel to Uganda with Shot@Life. To see the impact of vaccines firsthand is poignant and powerful.

When visiting a Family Health Day, organized by UNICEF to bring free health services such as immunizations to local communities in Fort Portal, Uganda, I approached this gentleman (pictured right) and his nephew. The boy’s mother, Sophie, was 23 years old and had left her village to attend school in Kampala. She made the conscious choice to leave her baby in her brother’s care while she went away to school. It was a difficult choice, and as a mother of two sons, a choice that I cannot imagine having to make.

Sophie was motivated to ensure a secure future for herself and her family, and to get there, she knew that protecting her baby’s health was also essential. Her brother brought her son to the Family Health Day to get updates on his vaccines, and the little boy clutched the pink immunization record in his hands. He held it out proudly for me to see; it was a trophy of the paper variety. I love that his mother laid out a plan for her future and her family’s future, with immunizations and health at the forefront of her plan.

The U.S. plays a big role in ensuring that children, like this little boy I met in Uganda get lifesaving vaccines by funding and leading programs on the ground.

Tell your Member of Congress to make global vaccines a priority in the 113th Congress. Your voice matters to them and can ensure that all children have a shot at a healthy life.

Thank You,
Ilina Ewen
Shot@Life Uganda Delegate


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