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January 4, 2013 BY Devi R. Thomas

holiday giving thank you emailI have some exciting news!

Thanks to your generous support over the holidays, Shot@Life exceeded its goal by raising more than $27,000 for life-saving vaccines in developing countries. You helped protect over 1,300 children from four of the most deadly and disabling diseases.

This is truly a remarkable accomplishment. Your donations will make a direct impact on the lives of mothers and children in developing countries, and move us closer toward the goal of completely eradicating some of the world’s deadliest and preventable diseases within our lifetimes – but that was just the beginning. In 2013, we hope to build off our success to have an even bigger, better, and more impactful year.

I hope you will take a minute to read Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times article “How Giving Became Cool.” He discusses how Ted Turner's bold gift to the United Nations changed the way we see philanthropy. Kristof also posed a challenge to us all to take more action. This year, let’s all take the challenge to do more – from volunteering, donating, advocating, or whatever you can – to make a difference.

Be bold and make a positive change with us in 2013!

Tweet this! 2013 is the year of BOLD global change! I will #GoBold and make a positive change with @shotatlife!


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