Tell Congress to Support Global Vaccines

May 22, 2013 BY Kathy Calvin

The fight against polio shows the power of people like you working with global leaders on important issues. Thanks to your efforts, polio cases have dropped more than 99 percent.

I recently returned from the Global Vaccine Summit where world leaders were saying the same thing I hear from you – we need to maintain our focus to end polio. They committed funds to help in the fight, pledging 75 percent of the resources needed to eradicate polio in the next six years.

I hope you’ll join me in bringing this message home to Congress: We must ensure the United States maintains its leadership role in the fight to end polio.

The United States has been a long-time leader in fighting polio and helping children around the world get life-saving vaccines. Right now, Congress is in the middle of the appropriations process, which means they are making funding decisions for next year. Tell Congress to maintain U.S. leadership and fully fund U.S. global vaccination and immunization programs so we can save children from polio and other diseases.

Your voice can make a difference. Let Congress know that ending polio and protecting children from preventable diseases must be priorities.

Thank you for standing up for children around the world.


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