Summer Blog Carnival: Words of Wisdom

July 27, 2012 BY Elise Glaum

The journey towards a healthier world is not going to be accomplished by one person taking one giant step, but will be achieved by many people, working together and taking one step at a time until we reach our goal.

Today’s Summer Blog Carnival post features Shot@Life supporters who are dedicated to taking these baby steps to create a healthier world for us all. They are in it to win it, no matter what comes our way, so together we will cross the finish line. Here are their words of wisdom…

We’ve all heard it before, but Christine Vara reminds us that “you have to walk before you can run.” Before you get disillusioned by the many global issues that face our society today, try to focus on your first step. Whether that may be signing up for the email list, or joining a webinar to become a Shot@Life Champion like Christine. Read more…

Laura Sampson shares her grandmother’s wisdom from the past – never give up, do what’s right no matter how hard it is, and lend a helping hand wherever/whenever you can. Laura asks each of us to think about her grandmother’s words of wisdom and to not give up the fight to protect the most vulnerable children of the world. Read more…

Peter Pollcok is picturing a classroom full of kids. 30 little cuties. Can you pick six from that class to be more at risk from disease than the others? Twenty percent of the children in the world do not have access to the vaccines they need to survive. Twenty percent! One in five! Read more…

Karina Wetzel, The Bucket List Girl, writes about inspiring others to start their own bucket list. When she heard about the Shot@Life Campaign, she knew that she wanted to help make sure every child gets a shot at completing their bucket list. Read more…

Angie Kinghorn reminds us that while we’re worrying about monogramming Sunday dresses and choosing the right preschool, in other parts of the world, mothers are walking 15 miles to obtain the same life-saving vaccines that we sometimes take for granted. Read more…

Like many of us when we first learned this staggering statistic, Fawn Rechkemmer is having trouble wrapping her head around the idea that every 20 seconds a child is dies of a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine. Imagine a world where this wasn’t the case. Imagine a world where every child gets to reach milestones like attending kindergarten and learning to read. This world is possible. Read more…

Rota- what? Deborah Phillips and Hope Randall from DefeatDD at PATH write about the latest child health hero – the rotavirus vaccine. This vaccine protects children from rotavirus, the leading cause of severe childhood diarrhea and one of the most deadly childhood diseases. By increasing access to the rotavirus vaccine, we can give children their greatest chance at a healthy start and help mothers worldwide sleep a little easier, too. Read more…

Since Heidi Oran first began learning and writing about world issues, one thing has become quite clear to her – it is far more efficient to focus on prevention rather than deal with the aftermath of a situation and pick up the pieces. How do we get this message out and start preventing the child deaths around the world from diseases that could have been prevented by a vaccine? Read more…

This concludes Shot@Life’s summer blog carnival! Read all of the posts below and make sure to come back next week to find out who won a shot at blogging for Real Simple!

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