Shot@Life Blog Carnival: 90+ Events

April 26, 2012 BY Elise Glaum

90 champions around the country are hosting Shot@Life parties and events. Tracey Clark is hosting a “Bring Your Own Mug” coffee klatch to draw attention to the fact that the cost of a week’s worth of coffee could protect a child against four deadly diseases. Portia Mount is hosting “Parents’ Night Out” to tell her friends about this issue and encourage them to take action. And, we are in Atlanta, Georgia, at our national launch with speakers like Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes. Read day 4 of the Shot@Life blog carnival to learn more about the events happening across the country!


Lyssa Sahadevan, My Mommy Reads
When N and I visited India, we loved it!  We visited big cities and rural areas. The entire country is full of beauty and history, culture and pride. The other side of that world of wonder is poverty. It can't be ignored.

Immunization Week: Reinventing the Party
Amy Pohl, World Moms Blog
In January of this year, my friend, Jen Burden, the founder of World Moms Blog, invited me to attend the very first grassroots advocacy party for the UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign at her house, here, in New Jersey. The theme of the party was "Around the World" and featured international food served in shot-sized glasses which we purchased for a $1-$3 donation.  Now, as a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, I jump at any opportunity for a fun night out with my friends! But I soon realized this night would be very special. How often do you know your actions are actually saving a child's life?

Every Child Deserves a Shot to Succeed
Jodifur, Blogger and Freelance Writer
Last night I was filling out the form Michael's school hands out asking you "what you want in a teacher next year."  And I wrote things like "Michael thrives in an environment where he is giving a chance to succeed and his successes are recognized."  But doesn't every child?  I sometimes forget how truly lucky I am.  I live in a country where I am given every opportunity.  Where I can whine about how bad my child's teacher was last year.  Why I can praise his amazing teacher this year.  Where I can have my child vaccinated, or chose not to. I, for the record, I am 100% pro vaccinations.

Giving Kids a Shot at Life
Tracey Clark, ShutterSisters
This week is Global Immunization Week and the official launch of Shot@Life. To kick off this important campaign, I am thrilled to be partnering with another Shot@Life champion, my friend Kristen Doyle, in hosting what we're calling #Shot4Shot. This is where advocacy gets creative, effective, social & fun!



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