Saving Children Through Partnership

October 12, 2012 BY LaShaun Martin

Joining forces to help save the lives of children around the world has been the resounding theme during this year of partnership with Mocha Moms, Inc. and the Shot@Life Campaign, who were first introduced at Blogalicious in 2011. The culmination of an amazing year of resource sharing and fundraising for such a worthy cause was celebrated at Blogalicious 2012 in Las Vegas last week. This year we participated in a panel discussion on Women of Color in Social Good, providing bloggers
with information about the campaign, engagement opportunities and milestones.

Mocha Moms, Inc. is a national support group of women of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities. Mocha Moms serves as an advocate for those mothers.

Why did we partner with Shot@Life? The heart of Mocha Moms, Inc. is community service and the spirit of volunteerism. We work throughout the year to give back to those less fortunate. We are a community of 3,000 mothers who care about the welfare of our children and other children around us. We stand with Shot@Life in the belief that EVERY mother should have the opportunity to provide the most optimum care for her child.

The theme of Blogalicious 2012 was “Make It Personal.”  This cause is personal to us because we want to give other mothers the gift of support that we provide for each other here in the United States. It’s a way of sharing our “Mocha Love” with moms around the world. Being part of the Shot@Life family has allowed us to take our hearts for service to a global audience for the first time in Mocha Moms, Inc. 15 year history!

In the past year, over 80 Mocha chapters across the country have hosted events to raise awareness about Shot@Life and while doing so ended up raising $4,700! We are extremely proud to say the efforts of our members have helped save the lives of 235 children. But the work does not stop there.

Our chapters are again preparing for a Fall Shot@Life Activation geared toward awareness during World Pneumonia Day on November 12. Most of us know someone who has suffered from pneumonia or have had our own personal experiences with this horrible disease. We will focus on sharing the vaccination message via our 100 chapters across the country in hopes that our collective voices will continue to effect change and save the lives of children around the world.


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