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May 3, 2012 BY Felisa Hilbert

I'll never forget the baby boy who came into the public hospital in rural Mexico where I worked as a nurse. He was in terrible pain from diarrhea caused by rotavirus symptoms, which are vaccine-preventible. He lived a three-hour bus ride away, but his mother hadn't been able to get him to us in time. By the time he arrived, there was nothing we could do.

I held his tiny body in my arms as he died and I cried. Even more difficult was telling his mother he was gone and watching her heart break into little pieces.

But there are lots of other sweet boys and girls in developing countries whose stories could end happier than this one if they could just get immunized. They need us to help them get access to vaccines before it's too late.

I'm so proud to be a Champion for the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life Campaign and to help the campaign reach its goal of raising enough money to immunize 1,000 children by Mother's Day. If you want to make a powerful difference for children today, I hope you'll join me.

No children should die from diseases that we can easily prevent with simple, inexpensive vaccines!

As a mother of three, I have been blessed to watch my own children learn to walk, talk, laugh, grow, learn, and so much more. Yet I know that far too many moms in other countries can take none of these normal milestones for granted – never knowing if their child will live or be struck down by a disease that could be prevented with an inexpensive vaccine.

Shot@Life aims to raise $20,000 by Sunday, May 13th. That's enough to help the United Nations provide immunizations to 1,000 children, giving their mothers the best gift imaginable for Mother's Day, healthy children.

Even though they live far away, these children deserve the same opportunity as our own children. Make a $60 gift now, and you can protect three children from four of the deadliest and most debilitating childhood diseases.

So when I see an easy way to help save children's lives, I jump at at it! Whether you're a parent or someone who cares about giving every child a future of health and happiness, I hope you'll join me – just $60 is all it costs to immunize three children against four deadly and disabling childhood diseases.

Thank you again for joining in this fight and investing in a healthy world by giving ALL children a shot at life.


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