My heart sank when I heard this

June 26, 2013 BY Sikander Khan

My heart truly sank when I heard this story.
Fadumo Hassan feared something was seriously wrong with her two-year old daughter, who was suffering from a fever, refusing food and having trouble moving her leg. She was right. Last month, her daughter was diagnosed with polio – the first new case of polio in Somalia in more than six years.

Her daughter has received medical treatment, but unfortunately there is no cure for this devastating disease. Sadly there are now more than 20 children in Somalia suffering from paralysis after becoming infected. That’s why we must do everything we can to prevent the disease from spreading.

Watch Fadumo’s story in the video above and donate to Shot@Life today to help us reach our goal of protecting 10,000 children from polio.

Right now, this polio outbreak is threatening children in Somalia, Kenya and neighboring countries.

The authorities, supported by the United Nations agencies are rapidly responding with emergency vaccination campaigns, but we need your help to immunize vulnerable children everywhere.

Donate by June 30 to help provide the resources we need to give 10,000 children a lifetime of immunity against polio.

With your help, we can keep children safe from polio and end this disease for good.


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