Let's create change for millions of mothers and children

June 18, 2014 BY Martha Rebour

As a mother of two children I have always been inspired by the power of mothers. We will move mountains to protect our children and ensure they have a healthy shot at life. This is what attracted me to the United Nations Foundation and the Shot@Life campaign. Since joining the team earlier this month, I have become engrossed in the challenges facing our world’s children. To think that one in five children lack access to life-saving vaccines, and as a result, will often die before their fifth birthday, continues to be one of the most devastating realities I struggle with.

Throughout my career I have worked to build brands and create partnerships, and as Deputy Director, I look forward to bringing this experience to the Shot@Life team to educate, advocate and raise awareness for childhood vaccines in developing countries. With the Shot@Life community in our corner, I know we can support the work of the UN and partners to create change for millions of mothers and children around the globe.

Partner with me to advocate for children worldwide by joining Shot@Life. Together, we can make a world of difference.


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