Introducing the 2013 Shot@Life Champion Summit Delegates!

January 18, 2013 BY Jamie Whalen

Shot@Life is proud to introduce the delegates for the 2013 Champion Summit, February 10 – 12, in Washington, DC! Representing 37 states, the delegates include moms, dads, students, professionals, and activists who believe in the importance of global vaccines. Our champions represent our strongest supporters across the nation— individuals who are dedicating their voice and support to stand up for childhood in developing countries. With fundraising, advocacy and media training, these champions will walk away with plans for taking simple, yet impactful steps toward reducing the mortality rate of children under five by 2015 by helping to give every child a shot at a healthy life.

Welcome our newest Champions! Follow all of our New Champions with this list on Twitter! You can follow along during the Summit on Twitter via #globalvax.

Helen Kidane

Henri Smothers
Sarah Bernhardt

Lisa McFadin, @greenvenues
Brandi Jeter, @mamaknowsitall
Lois Alter Mark, @stylesubsoul
Ciaran Blumenfeld, @Momfluential
Rosalynda Thorn, @MommyPowers
Jeana Shandraw, @surfnsunshine
Lee Reyes-Fournier, @coupledumb
Pejman Ahmadi
Kris White, @kenyadrob
Donna Staton
Tanya Aurora
Raymond Liou
David Joseph, @NUMEMUpdates

Jennifer Stanton
Annika Erickson-Pearson, @annikaep
Christen Reiner, @GoGoFamily2012
Corie Walsh
Johnathon Ricker

Jen Lovallo

Lisa Flowers-Latorre, @LisaLFlowers

District of Columbia:

Courtney O'Donnell, @courtdiesel
Jennifer Zavolinsky

Nicole Morgan, @thesistershood

Kimberly Murray, @kmurrayphoto
Kristy Bonham, @mybelovedlife
Amy Baxter
Daphne Channel, @mushymamma

Ellen Marshall
Amy Bizzarri, @amybizzarri
Laila McCloud, @OnlyLaila
Richard Smiley
Claudia Jaccarino

Robin Armstrong
Simone Renault, @ImmUNITYatIOWA

Nadia Azam
Lillian Pardo

Frank Gilbert, @flg725
Jessica Peace-Urgelles, @armywife40509
Teena Halbig

Laura Franklin, @1momof5
Fadra Nally, @allthingsfadra
Sue Wagner, @suewag

Jill Anderson, @diaperdiaries

Candice Domingo-De Asis, @i_thinkwantwill
Tracy Morrison, @sellabitmum

Little Danyelle, @TheCubicleChick
Natsha Burgert, @doctornatasha

Andrea Riley, @ajrileyrocks

New Hampshire:
Carol Waters

New Jersey:
Sarah Hughes, @finnegan_hughes
Melissa Brickhouse, @lissabrick

New Mexico:
Bernadette Howland

New York:
Melody Butler, @NursesWhoVax
Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco

North Carolina:
Ilina Ewen, @IlinaP
Marion Clark II

Angela Addington, @daytonmomspot
Felix Tran

Charles Swanson, @givealways
Juliet Abdeljawad
Priya Desai

Trina O'Boyle, @oboyorganic
Lisa Lightner, @LisaLightnerLL
Alanda Josey,  @cocoamommy
Tamara Howard

Rhode Island:
Melissa Gardner, @MelissaG813
Elizabeth Atalay, @elizabethatalay

South Carolina:
Yolanda Gordon, @autismmom2

South Dakota:
Emily White

Kasandria Reasoner, @waystosave
Diane Glasgow

Gina Carroll, @MadonnaNegra
Raquel Dennie, @Homegirlblog

Jyl Johnson Pattee, @momitforward
Emily Hill, @emihill
Kathy Dalton, @kathydaltonslc
Adrian Gentilcore,  @AdriansCrazyLif
Melinda Johnson, @melindajae
Christy Hancock, @ThatFig
Danielly Lara de Azevedo, @daniellylara

Anne Parris, @notasupermom
Lindsay Martin, @89linz
Elena Sonnino, @ElenaSonnino
Tonia Sanders, @TheChattyMomma

Renee Berry
Eugene Martin
Camelia Ades

Leah Phillippi

Connie Hollin, @hollinfamily

Follow all of our New Champions with this list on Twitter!

Want to know how you can become a Champion? Visit our Champions page!


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Submitted by MelodyB @nurseswhovax on: January 28, 2013 I'm quite excited to meeting all of the wonderful people chosen for this summitt. It'll be a busy and amazing days we spend together!
Submitted by Anonymous on: January 27, 2013 congratulations, please what is the criteria for the selection no single person from africa,so why was the application publizised, UN is for all of us, i applied but notified next time, i think champions from developing nations should be carried along.Why the segrigation.Think about it , Thank you.
Submitted by Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay on: January 26, 2013 I can't wait to attend the summit. I'm so excited to have been chosen as a Champion.
Submitted by Kasandria on: January 25, 2013 Super honored and excited to be a Champion! Can't wait to meet you all in DC! Kas
Submitted by Daphne @MushyMamma on: January 21, 2013 Hi everyone, I look forward to meeting you all and I am excited to be part of this campaign
Submitted by Candice D. @i_thinkwantwill on: January 20, 2013 Thank you for choosing me to be part of this great group of people! Looking forward to the summit! :) (
Submitted by Anonymous on: January 20, 2013 Congratulations to all of you. You are going to have a wonderful time learning about vaccines, meeting the wonderful team of Shot@Life and getting to know and learn from some amazing champions. I can hardly wait to meet each one of you.
Submitted by SarahB on: January 19, 2013 Thank you! So excited to learn more & be a part of a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to meeting everyone.
Submitted by Anonymous on: January 19, 2013 Congratulations and Prepare yourselves to have the most amazing experience with our wonderful Shot@Life team and passionate champions in media, advocacy and fundraiser tips. This year will be the best ever and we will be there to guide you and help you.
Submitted by Jenny Eckton @formerlyphread on: January 19, 2013 Yes, I agree with Jen - Christy Hancock from Utah is @ThatFig.
Submitted by Jen Burden @WorldMomsBlog on: January 18, 2013 Welcome!!! Looking forward to meeting you all in DC!! Jen :) P.S. I think some of the twitter handles are mismatched on this post! For example, Nicole Morgan in Florida is @thesistershood
Submitted by Jenny Eckton @formerlyphread on: January 18, 2013 Congratulations, and welcome to the new Champions! Can't wait to work together! See you soon!
Submitted by Rosalynda @MommyPowers on: January 18, 2013 So excited! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!
Submitted by Myrdin on: January 18, 2013 Congratulations newest Champions! Thank you for your interest and willingness to learn more about how vaccines work and that we all can help children have a Shot@Life! I look forward to meeting all of you next month and working together in the year ahead!

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