Five things to remember for the Shot@Life Champion Summit

January 29, 2013 BY Myrdin Thompson

Dear Fellow Champions,
Congratulations on being selected to help spread the word about the importance of global vaccinations and how we all have a role to play to give children a Shot@Life. You are about to embark on perhaps what will be one of the most significant adventures of your lifetime. Thank you for stepping away from your own busy and important jobs to spend time learning more about this work. Thank you for leaving behind your spouse, your partner, your children, and even your pets. And finally, thank you for your time, talent, and energy.
I have been fortunate to start to get to know some of you, via social media. And, since I was fortunate enough to attend the Champion Summit last year, many of you have been asking me what to expect! Below are the five things I think all of the newest Shot@Life Champions might want to know. During the Shot@Life Champion Summit, you will want to:

  1. Ask a lot of questions. Or, hear questions you never thought of asking. You will be furiously typing notes or scribbling in a notebook. You will be talking to strangers who will become one of your closest friends.
  2. Stay up all night. In fact, you will probably be spending very little time in your room. And, as some you are bloggers, the time you are in your room will no doubt be spent writing. I suspect we will see a multitude of posts that have a 3am time stamp.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. I know. Just that phrase implies "unattractive," but really, trust me, wear whatever shoes you want while we are meeting, but when we go to the Hill, wear something professional and functional.
  4. Keep smiling. There will be photo shoots. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much, but you are making memories so just say "Shot@Life!" and strike a pose.
  5. Dress as you would for any conference, comfortable but professional. I know that we can advocate while in our yoga pants, but when walking the halls of the Rayburn building, you want others to know you mean business. To that end, business casual would be my best advice, and again, reminding you, pack a pair of comfortable shoes. You will thank me later for that!

Before you get on the plane, if you haven't read all the numerous blog posts available on the website, please do. We had such a momentous year: meeting former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, traveling to Uganda and Tanzania, hosting information and fundraising events, a blogging marathon (that many of you participated in) which raised awareness and funds, and the launch of "Moments Matter" an app that helps you capture those important milestones in your child's life.

But while those moments were incredible, the true importance of our work is to help raise awareness on how critical and essential global vaccinations are.
We are the champions, my friend. And together we can give all children hope for a future. We can give them a Shot@Life.

See you in D.C.!

P.S. Fellow champions, leave a comment below with more tips and packing ideas for the new Shot@Life Champions!


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