Don’t let one more milestone pass you by

October 1, 2012 BY Devi R. Thomas

Sometimes, we’re just too busy and can't find the time to chronicle every significant moment of our child's development. But wouldn't it be great if there was a tool for busy parents to help make it easier to record and capture most of them?

The new Shot@Life mobile app, available on Apple iOS AND now available on Android, allows us to do just that – helping parents tell the story of their child’s “firsts,” by capturing photos and chronicling childhood moments from 0 - 5 through the milestone tracker. But there’s more – it does all this while spreading the word about how life-saving vaccines level the playing field and make precious moments part of every mom and child's life around the world.

Since the app was released, I have had so much fun capturing moments and stylizing photos with Shot@Life frames of my little boy’s milestones – everything from first baths to first toothy grins! And, I’ve even started getting reminders on when to schedule his next well-child visit with the pediatrician thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ support with the Milestone Tracker.

My little one on his 2nd birthday. He’s a big boy now!

Playdates with mom!

Big smiles with his first two teeth!

Every child deserves a shot at bubble baths.

Don’t let one more milestone go by. Download the app today. Then, tweet this to share it with your friends!


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