Dennis Ogbe

U.S. Paralympian, Polio Survivor

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Originally from Nigeria, Dennis contracted polio at three years old when he was taken to a clinic to receive treatment for malaria. A nurse broke a needle in his back, and as a result of the medical error, he was in a coma for three days. He pulled through the coma, but with a weakened immune system, he contracted polio while still in the hospital. The debilitating disease left him completely paralyzed from the waist down.

Instead of encouraging his son to use his disability to beg for money, Dennis’ father was adamant about giving him more opportunities. By saving up his money, Dennis’ father made sure Dennis and his eleven other siblings went to school as he fought for a better future for them. Thanks to his father’s hard work, a close supportive friend, Masai Ujiri, and his positive attitude, sheer determination and practice, Dennis was able to regain full mobility in his right leg. He is now able to walk without a wheelchair or crutches.

Today, Dennis is a world-class U.S. Paralympian. Decorated with gold and silver medals, Dennis is an inspiration and a testimony that nothing is impossible. He truly believes that no child should have to overcome disability from polio.

Blog Posts by Dennis Ogbe

A Letter to My Son on World Polio Day
Welcome to the world Allen! Today you are three weeks old, and I just spent some time rocking you to sleep. As I looked down in my arms, I was as every bit in awe of you as the first moment that I saw you.
October 24, 2013

Paralympian: We can't afford to lose the fight against polio
(CNN) -- As an athlete, I enjoy competition -- but there is a battle happening off the field that is more important: the fight to end polio. This fight is personal to me. I grew up in Nigeria, where I contracted polio at the age of 3. It was tough being the only kid on the playground in a wheelchair. For years I watched the other kids play, and when I tried to participate, they moved away from me...
October 24, 2012

My plea to you, from a polio survivor
My name is Dennis Ogbe and this past summer I represented the USA at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. I am also a polio survivor. I contracted polio at the age of three when I was taken to a health clinic to be treated for malaria in Nigeria. Today, polio still exists in Nigeria and is still killing and disabling children...
October 17, 2012

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