Champions Spreading Holiday Cheer

January 15, 2013 BY Jamie Whalen

The holidays are a time to celebrate and give. Shot@Life Champions took the holiday spirit one step further by reaching out to their family and friends about the gift of a healthy life. Check out the amazing things they did this past holiday season!

After coming back from a trip to Uganda with Shot@Life, I was so excited to do more. I had so many ideas how to share what I had learned others, but I got very sick and had a major surgery  that kept me from moving or walking for 4 weeks. One afternoon I was in a lot of pain, so I decided to distract myself and focus on improving the lives of others who are suffering elsewhere. With the help of my daughter, I put out a donations jar with the sign, “Felisa’s Christmas present” on my coffee table. Every person who came to visit me would notice this new addition to my living room and ask about my cause. My friends and family gave the best gift they could give me this  Christmas; they gave me support, love in my recovery  and by donating to Shot@Life, gave support to children around the world. By the end of the holidays I had collected enough money to save the lives of twenty precious children. – Felisa Hilbert

Each year around Thanksgiving I take the time to write out a letter describing what has happened throughout the year, sort of an end-of-the-year review. I conclude the letter with family highlights, such as mentions of any trips we may have taken or other family experiences. This year, I wrote about my recent trip to Uganda with Shot@Life where I saw the impact vaccines can make in the life of a child.  I included my letter with my Christmas cards and also encouraged all of my friends and family to make a donation to Shot@Life. I always enjoy reading the letters I received and I hope that my experience with Shot@Life will motivate others to take action. – Jenny Eckton

This year, I brought the childhood milestone of decorating a Christmas tree to the homes of my personal supporters from 2012 and fellow Shot@Life Champions.  It was a simple idea to put the Shot@Life logo on snowflakes and there you have it, a lovely, green, sparkly Shot@Life ornament.  They were meant to represent their personal support of Shot@Life, the magic of the holidays, the kids we have all helped to save and the kids in us, as we added it to our own trees.  Just a simple thank you, with a big mission – an ornament, some puffy paint – and all in the name of global health and the celebration of children around the holidays. – Jen DeFranco

What did you do to help spread the word and raise money for global vaccines around the holidays? Did this blog post give you ideas for 2013? Tell us!


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Submitted by Lyssat on: January 16, 2013 LOVE these ideas and wonderful ladies! We included on our holiday cards to friends so they would know how much we believe in global vaccinations. We had 3 friends make donations and send us the most adorable Anne Geddes/Shot@Life card in return. We are spreading the word and good things always come from that!
Submitted by FirstladyK on: January 16, 2013 Very inspiring

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