Celebrating our Partners

March 12, 2013 BY Christie Albrecht

Last Tuesday, we convened our  Shot@Life partners for a daylong meeting to share what’s been happening with each organization and brainstorm how to capitalize on our successes and rock 2013.

These are some of my favorite people. I admit, I’m biased – I am the partnership person, after all. But taking a step back and seeing the great work these organizations are doing has me energized and excited for the fun year we have ahead. 

Check out the cool things these organizations have done with Shot@Life in the past year:

  • Pediatricians at the American Academy of Pediatrics (www.aap.org) are bringing the message of global vaccines to families at a key moment: when children are receiving their shots. Doctors display Shot@Life posters and info cards to educate families about the importance of global vaccination. Dr. Natasha Burgert created the “I Hate Measles” campaign in her office to motivate families to donate.

  • Shot@Life works to increase access to vaccines, and we couldn’t do it without our implementing partners. GAVI, WHO and UNICEF send vaccines to the children who need them most and work with us to share stories of impact from around the globe.

  • More and more women are spreading the word about Shot@Life through Mocha Moms and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Members of both of these female-focused organizations are telling their communities about Shot@Life through creative projects, events and fundraising. LaShaun Martin, one of our most active Mocha Moms, uses her clothing company, Shootie Girl, to raise money for Shot@Life.
  • We’re so excited to welcome both the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) to the Shot@Life family of partners. ADRA is getting hospitals and universities involved in grassroots advocacy. SNPhA students are using their knowledge and expertise to bring Shot@Life to campuses around the country.

  • Real Simple, a Shot@Life official media partner, featured the winner of our blog carnival last year in their blog, Simply Stated. Read Shot@Life Champion Ilina Ewen’s post.

  • Every Child By Two, an organization that educates American parents on the importance of timely vaccination, provides our supporters with valuable vaccine resources and trained our newest group of Champions about vaccine safety in February.

Collaboration was a big theme of the day, and we’re looking forward to finding new ways to dig deeper with each of these partners and creative ways to bring them together with each other and our Champions in local communities. Stay tuned for an exciting 2013!


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